Northern Reaches Campaign

Vampires, Businesses, Babies and Pissed off Trees!

A busy time to be had

The session opened with the naked vampire women on the ceiling as we left the previous session, and the heroes noticed that several more ogre zombies and another wight had entered through a door behind the ‘throne’ at the end of the room.

One of the vampires stopped abruptly, looked at Ivan and asked, “Master?”

The heroes used the momentary confusion to start attacking, when through the door at the end of the room walked a man who looked exactly like Ivan. Commanding all in the room to cease fighting, he motioned Ivan to come closer. Inquiring as to Ivan’s name, the Vampire revealed his name to be Baron Alexi Demoraff, which Ivan knew was the name of his Great Grandfather, exiled from Yvarn 150 years previously, for reasons that included the family losing all claim to his titles and land.

After a brief conversation, in which they revealed that they were exploring the island after finding it indicated on an old map and were not aware of his presence, he offered them an opportunity to leave peacefully, since he had no desire to have to destroy his own kin, but to not return lest to join him or a fight to the death (or final death) be desired. He gave them a pouch with some coin and gems in it so they did not leave their adventure empty handed.

Having exhausted most of their spells and faced with the prospect of fighting more than half a dozen vampires, one of them obviously powerful, plus the additional undead servants, the heroes gracefully accepted his terms and left the keep, finding that rain had began falling while they were inside. Approaching the spot where they had hidden their boat on the beach, they heard voices pleading for mercy in Draconic, and being told that they were bound for the master’s larder.

Taking advantage of the dark, the rain and his resemblance to Alexi, Ivan walked out on the beach and told the four people there that he did not desire the lizardmen as meals, to release them. They were released and swam quickly away, and while the four on the beach were about to realize that Ivan was not Alexi, Brother Thomas unleashed an attack from hiding upon the woman on the beach, who was wearing the ornamentation of a priest of Death Combat quickly ensues, with the priestess and a chainmail clad Dwarf succumbing to a Sleep spell cast by Karvast. The other two put up a good fight, but were taken down by the heroes in fairly short order.

Loading the bodies in one of the boats, they rowed back across to the camp where they had left Alpha, Joan and the marble automaton watching the camp, they buried the bodies, and got a good nights rest, after Ivan realized one of the boats they had found was actually a magical, folding boat. The next morning, they found the graves open, with a note left atop the pile of dirt, reading

“They will likely be better servants to me in this condition. A”

After breakfast, the heroes delved down into the Ankheg lair, where they found a few bits of gear, including a magical bow and a handful of magical arrows, and four large eggs, which they brought back to the surface.

Returning to Bailey’s, they bought a building to use as a trading post and small warehouse for their merchantile company, and spent a couple of days relaxing at Ivan’s house, before sailing back downriver.

A quick stop in Holcroft reveals that the Justicar has allowed a tavern to be built outside the walls. Tash goes and talks to Bill, the proprietor and winds up buying half interest in the tavern, which is christened “The Copper Dragon Inn” as Bill was simply referring to it as ‘the tavern’.

a couple of nights spent in Holcroft and then a quick sail back to Port Bhaal, where a week is spent taking care of business and relaxing. Ivan learns that Ambassador Esmerelda Montoya is pregnant with his child, but knows he would not make a good husband and only wants him to know he is welcome to as much time with her and or the child as he wishes. Ivan tells her everything that has occurred since they last were together, including the desire of the ophidians to have diplomatic relations with the local government. Esmerelda arranges a dinner meeting the next night for herself, Ivan and Tash, and Tash’s lady friend, the healer (who has been making trips to the mine to heal minor injuries. Tash adds her to the company payroll to make her an official part of the company) with the Governors.

After a very enjoyable dinner with the Governors, Tash and Ivan relate the events of their travels (carefully edited to not include vampires or sexual encounters with ophidians). The Governors thank them and ask them to arrange for the Ophidian Queen (if possible) and her guards to come meet with them to open diplomatic relations.

The next stop in their travels was to return to Rivenscroft to present the ‘apology’ payment to the Rivens. The Rivens give a house in the settlement to the group to use as they wish so that they are officially part of the settlement. At dinner they find out that the Treant they rescued the Farmers from was still rampaging in the lands to the west of the settlement, and causing problems. Checking on the mine and traveling to the tower of Karvast, where they spent the night (Karvast hired a Major Domo and a housekeeper/cook to run the house for him and arranged for furniture to be delivered). The next day, the group went hunting the Treant, which they found easily as it is quite large and wreaking devastation on the forest. Fire, blade, divine magics and Tash climbing up the inside of the treant to destroy it’s corrupted heart resulted in the destruction of the treant. Arranging for locals to come chop up the treant as firewood while they rested, the heroes contemplate their next adventure.


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