Northern Reaches Campaign

Travel to Port Bhaal

Setting up Shop

Traveling with Karvast to Port Bhaal, the heroes discuss the ruined tower they heard of and offer to let hiim join them in their travels. They also give him the spellbook they recovered from Rhandalas.

While in Port Bhaal, they take a couple of weeks to file the claim to the mine, selling a 10% share to the local Customs Officer, a Dwarf named Micah Trefalgar. They open an account and a line of credit with House Grayson Financial Services and set Clarissa up as their agent and manager of the mine.

Clarissa hires a group of miners and smelters to accompany them back to the mine.

Rest, training and relaxation is had by all while in the city. Tash and Ivan renew their acquaintances with Laurel and Esmerelda (as well as Ivan becoming acquainted with several other lovely young women in the city).

When all is ready, they take an outgoing ship to carry their equipment and employees back to Rivenscroft, where they will journey inland to the mine.

After everything is established at the mine, the group decides that it is time to find the ruined tower they have heard about and head in that direction. . .


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