Northern Reaches Campaign

Arrival in the North

Conflict in Cheesetown!

Tash the Merchant, Ivan the Sailor Man and Brother Thomas, blessed of Oberon all have sailed from the south aboard the merchant vessel the Windsinger.

The ship reaches Bhaal Bay just before nightfall, and is their tradition, drops anchor just offshore from Rivenscroft and the Captain informs the passengers that Goodwife Riven always offers the crew and passengers a hot meal and a free bed in the common room as a welcome to the north and to give them a respite from the swaying hammocks and bunks of the ships.

Tash, Ivan, and Brother Thomas, along with one of the other passengers, Esmerelda Montoya, a diplomat from Subelik go ashore, while Lady Montoya’s escort remains on board to guard a chest that they have been transporting on their trip.

The travelers meet the locals, as well as some other guests; a Dragonborn Merchant named Rhandalas, his Tauren guard, Throg and Laurel, a healer of Mysha. An excellent meal is had by the travelers and they all turn in for the night, although Tash and Ivan do not sleep in the common room, having been invited to share rooms for the night with Laurel and Esmerelda, respectively.

Their evening rest is interrupted by the sounds of screams, combat and the flickering lights of fires outside the inn. Throwing open the windows, they see Kobolds and Lizardmen attacking the settlement and apparently kidnapping residents. Tash rushes downstairs and Brother Thomas runs outside to help as well, while the unclothed Ivan grabs his weapon and leaps from the window onto a wagon loaded with hay below, laying into the attackers with devastating results.

Tash and Brother Thomas quickly join the fray and the attack is broken, although a head count reveals a number of residents, as well as the healer Laurel and a few sailors from the Windsinger’s crew have been carried off into the night.

The heroic trio reveal that they saw Rhandalas and Throg apparently leading the Kobolds and Lizardfolk and decide to go after them at first light, rather than blundering blindly into the darkened woods in pursuit. Captain Grovan has been seriously injured and is unable to aid in pursuit, but offers a reward for any of his men who are recovered and says he will wait a week before sailing to Port Bhaal and he and his remaining crew will help with the cleanup at the settlement.

Helping with putting out fires and giving aid to the injured brings dawn about quickly, and with a quick, hot breakfast in their bellies, our three heroes head into the forest in search of the kidnapped residents.

The tracks are easy to follow and lead the group a few miles to a small hill with a palisade wall around one end.

Gaining entrance to the compound, they make quick work of the Kobolds and their guard dogs near the entrance. Fighting their way into the caves that are revealed behind the palisade, they faced and defeated Rhandalas, his Tauren bodyguard and a large number of kobolds, although some of the kobolds did manage to escape.

Rounding the corner into the chamber where they heard the kidnapped residents of Rivenscroft, the first thing that greets their eyes in the shadowy depths of the chamber is a large dragon. Heroically rushing forward to distract the dragon, Ivan smashes his weapon into the stone hide of the dragon, revealing it to be a statue, carved from the rock of the chamber.

Investigating the chamber and the areas above as they escort the prisoners to safety, they realize that this is a copper mine and that Rhandalas and his Kobold cohort had intended to use the captives to work the mine.

Escorting the freed captives back to Rivenscroft, Tash and the others begin to excitedly discuss the possibility of filing a claim for the mine in Port Bhaal and hiring workers to operate the mine.


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