Northern Reaches Campaign

Andrash Tower

More Real Estate!

Having settled the miners into their new workplace, the heroes venture forth to find the ruined tower they were told of by the mad hermit a few weeks previously.

In the clearing where the tower sits, they find carnivorous plants that snare their prey with whip like vines. Clearing this horticultural challenge, they notice beastlike footprints (tentatively identified by Ivan as Gnoll) leading inside the tower. A quick examination of the empty ground floor and ruined second floor leads the group to the open trapdoor leading down into the cellar.

Beneath the tower, they disturb a nest of Rodents of Unusual Size, which they dispatch, although they suffer some nasty bites in the process. The Buck Rodent also joins in the fray before being dispatched. Following the muddy footprints leads the group to a secret door, which they open and they find a magically lit passageway sloping downwards.

Beneath the tower, in addition to some fiendish traps, which the heroes manage to avoid with skill and a small bit of luck, they find a summoning room, where a Gnoll Shaman is conversing with a demon who is trapped within a summoning circle.

The gnoll quickly offers a truce as they all converse with the information demon, who supplies each of them with a single bit of knowledge in exchange for them releasing him to return to his home plane when they are finished. The demon explains that he had a long-standing relationship with Demetrios Andrash, the former master of the tower, and the current pile of bones lying just outside the circle near the wall (Andrash had a heart attack and died after he had summoned the demon the last time, over 150 years previously, the Demon is seriously BORED and wants to have a conversation and then go home).

They all honor the agreement and release the demon to his home plane. Afterwards, the heroes escort the gnoll past the traps he had missed on the way down and he gives them a token of his respect and tells them that this token will allow them safe passage any time they are in the lands of his tribe.

After the gnoll leaves, the group finish exploring the tower, finding a library, an alchemy lab, a magic suppressing prison cell (complete with skeletons) and some nice items.

Karvast decides that he wants to claim the tower and have it renovated as a personal home, which he arranges when they next arrive in Port Bhaal.

Stopping back at Rivenscroft on their way back, Tash hires Andrew Riven to be their representative in Port Bhaal, and take him back with them where they set him up in offices and an apartment.


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