Triskalan Steppes

The Triskalan steppes are home to the clans of the Triska; mostly semi-nomadic peoples who roam the steppes astride their sturdy horses. Most of the Triska hold the Raska in awe, and will defend the borders of Raska fiercely. The Azure Guard that attend the Mage-King, Ryzalec, is made up entirely of Triska warriors. The culture and naming conventions of the Triska are a mixture of Romani Gypsy and Hun

The native language of Triskalan is Raskafar

The favored deities of the Triska are Thanator, Arik, and Shanna

The population of the Triska are 75% Human; 15% Dwarf; 5% Half Elf; 3% Halfling and the remainder are a mixture of other races.

Triskalan Steppes

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