The Admiralty of Tarant covers a large archipelago between the continent and the Eldavara island. The Tarant have the largest navy in the Known world. The Admiralty is ruled by the Arch Admiral and the Admiralty Council. The Admiralty has a small fleet of Skyships, but concentrate mostly on their mastery of the Sea and the trade routes. The culture and naming conventions of Tarant are very similar to Britain/Western Europe

The official language of Tarant is Taranti, which has common roots with Korycc (speakers of one are at a disadvantage to make themselves understood by speakers of the other)

The favored deities of Tarant are Tempesh, Reeah, Daar and Arik

The Population of Tarant is 55% Human; 15% Elf; 10% Half Elf; 5% Halfling; 5% Dwarf; 5% Gnome; and the remaining 5% is comprised of members of the other races.


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