Rivencroft is home to the best cheese in the Northern Reaches.

A small settlement, the Riven’s open their Inn to those who have made the long voyage from the South and offer them a good hot meal and a bed which does not sway during their final layover before reaching Port Bhaal. Captains will anchor off shore from Rivencroft if they will be arriving at Port Bhaal after sundown.

The map shows the layout of the settlement, details are:

1. Rivencroft Inn – This structure is the innhouse for the Croft. There are ten private rooms in the upper story, the east wing is the kitchen and the west wing is a common room with 15 sets of triple bunks.

  • Private rooms are 5 silver per person per day.
  • A bunk in the common room can be had for 1 silver per day.
  • Meals (served with weak ale) are 1 silver per person per meal and are good, hot and filling.
  • The rooms are clean, the doors lock (DC 10) and the beds are big enough to comfortably sleep 2.

There are two outhouses inside a walled off area off the west side of the compound.
The other buildings along the wall are storage buildings for supplies used around the Croft.

2. Cheese Storage – This building is used as the office for the cheese-making enterprise of Rivencroft and the cellars are used to store cheese until it is ready for market.

3. House Riven – This is the residence of Terrance and Lorraine Riven and their 5 youngest household members; Rebecca (14); Michael (10); Louis (6); Kara (4), and nephew Trent (12) The two smaller houses out back of the main house are occupied by their son, Andrew (19), and their oldest daughter, Rachael (17).
Andrew has recently moved to Port Bhaal to run the offices of the Copper Dragon Trading Consortium for the PC’s.

4. Fallor’s woodworking shop – This is the building where Urthan Fallor and his Sons and older grandchildren work, making wooden tools, toys and weapons.

5. Cheese Factory and Cattle Barn – This is where the Croft’s cattle are kept when not grazing and where the manufacturing of the Riven Cheese takes place.

6. Haralt Fallor and family residence – Haralt and his wife Meg life here with their children, Iball (13), Merryweather (6), and Tink (3)

7. House Fallor – This is the home of the Fallor Patriarch, Urthan and his wife Gertrude. They live here with their children, Hilda (20), Sammar (15), Lois (8), Pippalo (4)

8. Empty houses – these three small houses currently stand empty and could be rented for 5 GP per month from the Rivens, or could be purchased outright for 2000 gold pieces each. (unfurnished)

9. House Kincaid – This is the home of Garant & Meghan Kincaid and their children Evan (3) and Opal (1). Garant has a smithy in the compound and can do metal repairs and shoe horses. . Meghan has an herb garden in the corner of their fenced property and
acts as apothecary and midwife as needed in the Croft.

10. Empty House – This large, 6 bedroom home is available to rent from the Rivens for 40 gp per month, or can be purchased outright for 16,000 gold pieces. (unfurnished)


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