Religions and Deities of the Known World

The following deities are often grouped together under the title The Church of Light

Oberon – Ruler of the Sky, Bringer of Light, Father of All Alignment: LG

Represented by the sun, Ober that passes through the sky.

Domains: Light, Protection

Reeah – Mother of Life, Bosom of Nature. Wife of Oberon. Alignment: Neutral

The spirit of the living world.

Domains: Life, Nature

Thanator – Protector of the Spirits of the Dead, Guardian of the Afterlife Alignment: LN

Domains: Knowledge, Death

Tempesh – Lord of the Seas. Alignment: LN

Domains: Nature, Tempest

Daar – Patron of Craftsmen Alignment: N

Domains: Knowledge

Stahl – Lord of the Harvest Alignment: LG

Domains: Nature

Sheena – Lady of Love, Passion, Beauty Alignment: CN

Domains: Light, Trickery, Charm

Arik – Stormlord and Patron of War Alignment: CN

Domains: Tempest, War

Mysha – Lady of Peace and Health Alignment: NG

Domains: Life

Shanna – Patroness of the Hunt Alignment: N

Domains: Nature, War

Aeriss – The Peacemaker, Patron of Justice Alignment: LN

Domains: Knowledge, Light, Charm, Protection

Drua – Protector of the Woodlands, Keeper of the Wild Groves, Creator of the Fae Alignment: CN

Domains: Nature, Trickery, Life

Maeve – She who reaches ever skyward, Lady of the Mountains and hills Alignment: LN

Domains: Knowledge, Nature

Mylas – Weaver of the Threads of Magic; Guardian of the Emerald Pyramid Alignment: N

Domains: Knowledge

The following Deities are considered to be the powers of Darkness and Evil by the followers of the Church of Light

Malanus – The Darkness of the Soul; Eclipse of Truth Alignment: LE

Creator of the Ophidi races, The king of spite and all things dark and ugly.

Domains: War, Knowledge, Death (Darkness when/if available)

Wampyras – The Mocker, the Undying, Drinker of Souls, Perpetuator of Pestilence,

Lord of the Restless Dead. Alignment: CE

Domains: Trickery, Death (Darkness when/if available)

The Sahabrai acknowledge the deities of the Church of Light with one modification, While they acknowledge the presence of Tempesh in the seas, they consider him to be the consort of Mera, the Lady of the Seas and his primary area of concern is with storms at sea.

Mera – Lady of the Seas; Patron of Travelers Alignment: CG

Domains: Nature, Tempest

The Caliphate of Khurak and the Burgha only acknowledges Adys as their deity.

The Church of Adys has three primary orders within their Hierarchy. Each one covers different domains

Seekers of the Truth (Inquisitors) – Act as the judiciary arm of the church Alignment: LN

Domains: Knowledge, Light

Sword of Adys – The military arm of the church, protectors of the children of Adys Alignment: LG

Domains: War, Light, Protection

Balm of Adys – The healing arm of the church, providing aid to the faithful Alignment: NG

Domains: Life, Light

The Romali acknowledge both Adys and the Church of Light, but the primary deities of their faith are:

Nevara the Wanderer – Patron of those who travel Alignment: N

Domains: Knowledge, Nature, Light, Ch

Tempus the Raider – Protector of the Romali, the strong sword arm of the Raider Alignment: CN

Domains: Tempest, War, Trickery, Protection

The Deities of the Dragons are worshipped not only by dragons and dragonborn, but occasionally by other races

Bahumet – The Platinum Dragon of Light and Creation; Father of all Dragons Alignment: LG

Domains: Life, War, Protection

Tiamat – The Multi-Headed Mother of all Dragons; Lady of Tyranny and Pain Alignment: LE

Domains: Tempest, Trickery

Religions and Deities of the Known World

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