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The Northern Reaches of the Known World have only been explored and lightly settled along their southernmost tip. Most of the area known as the Northern Reaches is blocked off by very high cliffs known as The Wall.

The land below and beyond The Wall is ripe for exploration and exploitation. Rumors of lost civilizations and vast treasures guarded by fierce guardians abound. Many people have traveled to the North in hopes of starting a new life or finding their fortune. Your characters are among those who are traveling Northward.

There is one major city in the Northern Reaches, Port Bhaal, found mostly empty by the first explorers from the South and apparently built upon the ruins of previous cities that have stood in the same spot.

There are numerous villages, holdings and crofts, as well as some walled inns in the area, and just to the far side of The Wall is the keep of North Hall, guarding the passage from the wastelands into the settled southern tip of the Northlands.

The Northlands are loosely ruled from Port Bhaal by a group of governors from Kor, Sahabrai, Tarant, Gnogar, Drakol, Eldavar and Raska.
Technically the city has the status of a Free City-State with each of their governments.
The Governors are:
Kor – Vale Thaleson (the eldest son of the Empress, but is an acknowledge bastard, so he cannot ascend the Imperial throne)
Sahabrai – General Tara Windsong
Tarant – Captain Lucian MacGregor
Gnogar – Veritan Springthistle (gnome)
Drakol – Branicala Threndall (Dragonborn – Red)
Eldavar – Speaker Anara Silvervine (high elf)
Raska – Magister Yasmina Mys

Each government has agreed to not claim the entire North for themselves and to attempt to establish an integrated and independent colony that will hopefully lead to more lasting peace between their nations than has been found in the past.

A rough map of the known world, showing the locations of the various governments.


Main Page

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