Empire of Kor

The Empire of Kor is structured in a similar fashion to the Roman Empire of Earth’s history.

The military is broken into several divisions. The Legions are the rank and file of the military, all Imperial citizens and are found all over the Empire. The Skyriders are the crew and officers of the Skyships, magical airships that travel to the far reaches of the Empire and beyond. The ‘marines’ of the Skyships are known as Bolters, referring to their striking like a Lightning Bolt for the Emperor. The Imperial Navy is simply known as the Fleet, with Rowers (freemen, seldom slaves), Sailors, Marines, and Officers. The smallest and most autonomous military units are the Outriders. Outriders are typically small groups of 10 or fewer soldiers, most of whom have been transferred from other units due to their loyalty to the Empire or resourcefulness and abilities.

There is an Imperial Senate which advises the Emperor/Empress and handles the day to day workings of the Empire. The Emperor/Empress has ultimate veto power over anything the Senate proposes.

The current ruler of the Empire is the Empress Calinda IV, 42 years of age and has ruled the Empire since the death of her father in battle against the Taurek, 26 years previously.

The Empire is comprised of around 85% Humans of various ethnicities; 8% Half-Elves; 3% Halflings; 2% Dwarves; and the remaining 2% a mix of other races.

The Official Language of the Empire is Korycc

The favored official deities of the Empire are Tempesh, Oberon and Arik, with Mysha and Reeah being most favored among the common folk. Almost all religions can be found represented in some area of the Empire.

Empire of Kor

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