Caliphate of Khurak

Jafar, The Caliph of Khur, rules the Caliphate of Khurak. The Caliphate resembles a Ali Baba/Sinbad version of the mythic middle east, with Djinni’s in lamps, thieves hiding in caves with magic doors and the like. In addition to the cities of the Caliphate, there are also the nomadic clans of the Burgha; the nomadic, aggressive halflings, dwarves and gnomes of the Romali tribes and their war pony cavalries.

The Official language of the Caliphate and the Burgha is Khazaki

The language of the Romali tribes is Roma, Romali characters may roll 1d6, on a 5-6, the character also speaks and reads Khazaki

The favored deity of the Caliphate and the Burgha is Adys

The favored deities of the Romali are Nevara the Wanderer and Tempus the Raider

The Population of the Caliphate is 65% Human; 10% Dwarf; 10% Elf; 8% Half Elf; 5% Dragonborn; and the other 5% encompasses a mixture of the other races.

The Burgha are 98% Human, with the other 2% being comprised of members of other races, most of whom were originally slaves, prisoners or foundlings who have joined a clan.

The Romali have a fairly even mix of Halflings, Dwarves and Gnomes, with a very small (less than 1%)

Caliphate of Khurak

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